Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christian Music

Note to Self:

There is no such thing as Christian Music. And you shouldn't use the term, because you don't believe in Christian coffee, Christian breath mints (though you've been given some before, no?) or Christian copy machines (though you've been known to cry out God's name when using them). I get it. Songs can have Christian philosophical themes. However, you don't refer to songs as "vaguely implied humanist music" or "racously hedonist with a touch of existentialist music" do you?

You don't get specific with Christian Music, either. When was the last time you rocked out to that amazing Lutheran Music or busted out a Plymouth Bretheran Punk Song? (I have a hunch you would hate Unitarian Rock - it's nothing but silence and a slight nod to skepticism) Ever listened to Muslim Rock? Buddhist Rock? We don't even have a genre dedicated to Hare Krishnas - which is too bad, because if they get anything right, it's the tambourines.

I know it sounds like I'm being picky, but using Christian as a cultural rather than spiritual term dilutes the fact that you're crazy about Jesus and you know that your life has been transformed by a God who is even crazier about you than you are about him.


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