Thursday, April 29, 2010

Woodcock Johnson

Note To Self:

Calling a test Woodcock Johnson was probably not a wise decision.  Then again, neither was repeatedly referring to the test just so that you could get away with using the words wood, cock and johnson in school.  Perhaps next time you can just call it the Special Ed test.



  1. Love it! Had the same thought myself; I use it regularly as a special education teacher. It's like one of life's little comedies that brought Woodcosk and Johnson together to create what would become one the most widely used standardized achievement tests for identifying ed. disabilities.

  2. I agree, however sometimes in a rather depressing IEP, we look forward to the moment that the psych drops the Woodcock Johnson and we all giggle a little (on the inside!)

  3. Especially since teachers/school psychs use it as a verb: "Hey, can I borrow Johnny for a minute? I need to Woodcock Johnson him."

    I've also heard "I need to do a Woodcock Johnson on her, when's a good time?"

    How can you not laugh? And cringe?