Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Note to Self:

You often use the word "funny" when things are not funny.  Typically, it is after a story that someone tells that isn't really comical or tragic or insightful.  So, you say "that's funny" as an act of consolation.  It's the box of Tide that the loser gets when he's failed at Family Feud.  Other times, you use "that's funny" to describe things that are anything but funny. "I find it funny that we bail out multi-billion dollar banks but try and hold first year ELL students accountable for an English-only standardized test."  Actually, you don't find that funny.  Not in the least. Not "ha ha" funny for sure, but not even in that lstm funny (laughing silently to myself).  The truth is that it infuriates you. So, perhaps it's time to ditch that word before you end up starting a sentence with "the funny thing about genocide. . ."


1 comment:

  1. It would be very easy to make an inappropriate "funny" slip. Thanks for pointing that out!