Sunday, September 25, 2011

believe in evolution

Note to Self:

The other day you said that you "believe in evolution and in creation." The truth is that you believe in creation, but you accept evolution. You toss around phrases like "how we are designed" or "that's how I was made," believing as you do that there is an oft-invisible creator who formed you and had you in mind before matter existed.

And yet . . . you accept evolution. You've studied the theories. You've paid attention to the science and it's pretty clear. If some people can choose not to "believe" in evolution, can I choose not to believe in germs? (Sure makes camping easier) You've observed how animals have adapted to the environment and so, unequivocally you accept descent with modification and yet you believe in decent with modification and perhaps even better than decent with modification when you really pay attention to what God has done in your life. Some say you can't believe in God and science. And that's fine. Believe in one. Know about the other. They're not incompatible.


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