Sunday, September 25, 2011

Compulsory Education

Note to Self:

Quit calling it "compulsory education."  If parents want to un-school, home-school, alt. school or private school their kids, they are allowed to in your state.  That's like complaining about compulsory libraries or compulsory parks.  Public education is an institution that we share as a local politic and participation is truly voluntary.  Some people might claim that it's still compulsory, since parental tax money goes to pay for it even when they don't use the service.  They say it's wrong to fund things that are morally reprehensible and deadly to children.  You know better.  Schools aren't deadly to kids.  Now war, on the other hand, is morally reprehensible and deadly to children.  So if you run into a neo-con who complains about compulsory education, just ask about our compulsory war policy and see how they answer it.


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