Wednesday, May 12, 2010

game changer

Note to Self:

You and I both know that the iPad is not a game changer.  It's a supersized ipod touch that's too big to fit in one's pocket.  It's like an e-reader that's bad on the eyes, a netbook with no flash, multitasking or keyboard and an iPhone with no camera or phone capabilities.  Maybe it's time people ditched the iPad.  Then again, maybe it's time you ditched the term "game changer."  After all, very few things ever "change the game" and when they do it's not really good.  Take baseball, for example.  The last real game-changer was the introduction of the designated hitter.  That and steroids.  Consider hockey.  That last real game-changer there was moving the sport out of the Canadian icy wastelands and into the desert.  Look how that turned out. So maybe we should keep the games as they are.


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