Thursday, May 13, 2010


Note to Self:

It seemed like a tame word a few years back, didn't it?  Stupid car.  Stupid house.  Stupid song on the radio.  Just discount the creative work of others, because the criticism is a thing.  Then you heard "stupid class" and "stupid lesson" and it felt like a sledgehammer to the stomach.  You learned that stupid means something different in the barrio where you teach.  Then you had kids and you accidentally said "stupid toy" and Joel rightfully went off on you for insulting Legos (albeit placed at just the right angle to damage bare feet).  You learned quickly that "stupid" is like "hate."  It's overused.  Your students and your kids have taught you that the world isn't as stupid as you thought, just a little lost like you. And you learned just how elitist you can be when you become the Sultan of Stupid.


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