Thursday, May 13, 2010

with all due respect

Note to Self:

You are most likely to use "with all due respect" when, in fact, you no longer have any respect for whom you are talking.  It's sort-of a nice way of saying, "Eff what you have to say. You will listen to me regardless of what you think."  Might as well change it to, "with no due respect" or perhaps "just shut up and listen to me."  Or you could try being a better listener and actually give them the respect they are due.


1 comment:

  1. John, I would group with "with due respect" the comments like:
    - Please don't be offended but...
    - Don't take this personally but...
    - I don't want to hurt you but...

    In almost every use of this case, a very personal, hurtful, and offensive comment follows and somehow, the speaker feels it's OK because of their clever intro...

    Any ideas for a game that we could make out of these? I'm a designer on and we're always looking for teachers' ideas on how to build educaitonally-meaningful games.