Sunday, May 9, 2010


Note to Self:

You just referred to your friends as your peeps.  This fails on several levels.  You can pull this off if your a 1990's hip hop icon.  You're not.  You can also pull this off if you are cutesy and use other phrases like "I heart this."  It's not you.  Finally, you can pull this off if you are literally referring to ginormous stale marshmallows colored and rolled in sugar. Unfortunately, you took the last of the Peeps and watched them expand in the microwave.  Try "friends" next time, unless you are worried that people might mistake you for a Quaker.



  1. Actually, Quaker confusion is one of my greatest concerns.

  2. I am often confused as being a Quaker, because I am firm in the convictions of my faith and yet strongly pacifist in my political beliefs. I am at once too conservative and too liberal. Maybe I should just become a Quaker. Perhaps I'd even get a discount on that oat-based hot breakfast cereal they are so well-known for.